May 26, 2010

#17 & #18 Nendoroid

Got these 2 nendo several days ago. I got it from winning an auction at YAJ [Yahoo Auction Japan] using KOMATOY's Yahoo Auction Snipe Service (YASS™). Very happy got these 2 nendo because these 2 nendo is 2 of 5 my "WISHLIST MUST GET~!!" ^^.


Nendoroid data :
Name : Saber Lion
from Series : Fate Tiger Colosseum Upper
No. Prod. : 50
Release Date : December 2008

hiiks~ T.T gaoo~

gaoo~ =.=

Saber lion is number one in my "WISHLIST MUST GET~!!". She is very cute in lion costume, makes my brain melted~ lol~ XD~. I give it ★★★★★ / ★★★★★ for every faceplate. Seriously, all of it is very cute~ XD~.

Nendoroid data :
Name : Akihime Sumomo
from Series : Nanatsuiro Drops
No. Prod. : Plus
Release Date : May 2008

zz zzz zzzz~

This nendo is simple, but very cute~ x3~. Got a doll and a pillow as her accessories. There's one seller tell me there's a buyer who just want to buy her pillow. What a ridiculous~!! XD~. But indeed, her pillow have its own charm that makes other nendo looks like just ordinary nendo. Not only that, this nendo is exclusive because it's bundle with NDS game & others.

But when I am playing with this nendo, an accident happen again just like my previous nendo, L~. Spontaneously, I am screaming like crazy people do. I had a stress few days ago because of this, but now I am alright. I already have some idea to fix this problem. Just need some ammo and everything's gonna be alright~ yeaah~ XD~.

Ooh~ I am forgot to add a story that I already made with these 2 nendo~ ^^.

May 08, 2010

#16 Nendoroid

Just got this one yesterday..

Nendoroid data :
Name : Kochiya Sanae
from Series : Touhou Project
No. Prod. : 103
Release Date : April 2010

Another limited series of nendoroids that I bought. And like before, I will never open it and keep it MISB [Mint In Sealed Box]. I am feel satisfied just having it, doesn't need to playing it~ ^^.

May 02, 2010

#15 Nendoroid

After almost two months I have no new nendo, finally a new nendo arrived at my place.

Nendoroid data :
Name : Fate Testarossa
from Series : Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st
No. Prod. : 99
Release Date : March 2010

Love this nendo~ ^^. Most of my fetish is on her.
Twintail, cool weapon, from one of the popular anime, and also get an animal being called "familiar, Arf".

Be careful with this weapon~ it's really sharp~ ^^;.

Nya~ Nyaa~ Nyaaa~

Just a random match~. Most of people in forum love to matching her like this~ ^^.