September 05, 2010

DLWF-04: Cosplay

September 04, 2010

#19, #20, & #21 Nendoroid

During my 2 month vacuum does not write any new posts, I've got 3 new nendoroid.

#19 Nendoroid data :
Name : Azusa Nakano
from Series : K-ON!
No. Prod. : 104
Release Date : May 2010

#20 Nendoroid data :
Name : Saber Lily
from Series : Fate/unlimited Codes
No. Prod. : 77
Release Date : October 2009

First, let see the the pictures that I take from the 3rd member in my K-ON! nendoroid,
Azusa Nakano.

She is my favourite character from the anime series, K-ON! ^^.


stag beetle~

Don't know what to do with this faceplate, so I just thought make a funny pose ^^a.

Next, let see my Saber Lily. I am very late to get her, so the price is more expensive than the regular nendoroid. This nendoroid already rare and have the bootleg / fake version.

This nendoroid very beautiful, glad to have it ^^.

Tsundere face~ >.<

Ultimate move~ Distant Avalon~!!

And here, another varian of Hatsune Miku, Snow version.

#21 Nendoroid data :
Name : Snow Miku
from Series : Vocaloid
No. Prod. : 97
Release Date : February 2010

This nendoroid is limited series, so I wanna keep it MISB. But, several days ago I've sold it to another people~ lol~. Currently, I need some money to buy something. so, I am forced to sell some of my collection, hix~.