December 21, 2010

DLWF-05: Grammar Lesson

there is a sighting of my new figma. Soon, I'll post it into my blog ^^.

December 05, 2010

#2 Figma + ex:ride

#2 Figma data :
Name : Black Rock Shooter
from Anime : Black ★ Rock Shooter
No. Prod. : SP012
Release Date : August 2010

I got this figma at September. It's very late to post it now right? haha~ >.<".

Every character design in Black ★ Rock Shooter make me fall in love with this anime. Not only figma, I want to collect all of thing related to Black ★ Rock Shooter if I can. But its impossible for me right now.. lol~.

BRS with black blade.

BRS with rock cannon. Its bigger than the owner itself ^^a.

Another shot.. trying to pose it like the official art and another figure.

ex:ride data :
Type : ride 008: Three Wheeler
Release Date : August 2010

And here is the ex:ride. For a simple explanation, ex:ride is something like a vehicle for figma. I bought this type because I think it's gonna be awesome if BRS ride on it~XD~. And it's true~!! Here is several shot that I take.

ooooh yeeaaah~ girl on three wheeler is soooo sexy beybeeeh~~!! XD~